Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tips on building traffic to your Blog/Website

There are various very effective ways of building traffic to your website or blog.The benefits of building traffic is very obvious to us all. I am not going to preach to you about why you need traffic. You should know this already.
I'm going to expose some of these tips that aid traffic building in this article.
The basic principle of building traffic is "Going to where your target readers are, doing something really unique and then creating a link to your website/blog"

These methods are what guides me as I do whatever I do to get traffic online. With that said, let me reveal the ways build traffic to my blog

1. Blog commenting
Blog commenting helps a lot in generating traffic for your blog. It has many other benefits. You get SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits. Build a relationship with blog owner etc.
Blog commenting works best when you have something to say in the comments or show you are resourceful or helpful.
The link from the comment brings traffic to your blog or website.

2. Guest posting
This is my main way of building traffic to my blogs. 
The good thing about guest posting is that it helps to build friendship and rapport with the owner of the blog.
Don’t forget to link to your blog or website on the guest post using your target keyword

3. Social bookmarking
This is the use of online book-marking services to bookmark links and share with friends and other people all over the world.
Popular bookmarking services that I use and you can use are:

There are so many of them and you could also use semi automated services like
www.ping.fm  to make the work easier.
Paid Tools like bookmarking demon and outsourcing on Elance or Odesk can make the task easier

4. Social Website And Networks
Social networks also send some amount of traffic to my blogs and websites. What I basically do is post and tweet my post link after publishing them on my blog. If you have a facebook and twitter account, there are WordPress plugin that can help your post a link to your blog or websites after the post goes live.
The 2 popular one I am talking about here is

5. Free E-Book Directories
This is the most recent traffic building that I have read up .It involves submitting free e-books people can download on free e-book directories.
To get traffic with this strategy you either have links to your blog or website in the e-book or you link the readers to download the book on your blog or website.
This is a very workable strategy. Don’t be afraid because it involves e-books. If you can write a blog post, you can write an e-book. I could even convert this blog post into an eBook and submit on these free e–book directories. If you are looking for free e-book directories you can use, just Google “free e-book directories”.

6. Article Marketing
This is a recent link building and traffic building strategy that I have started practicing seriously. It basically involves writing an article and submitting it to article directories. At the end of the article, you can link to your blog or website using any specific anchor text or keyword of your choice.
I usually submit my articles to 2 major article directories.
There are many more article directories. If you Google up article directories, you will find more. I stick to this two because they amongst the top two.
When you write and submit articles, don’t forget to link back to your blog or website using your desired keyword.

7. Content websites
There are several content websites that allow you to post articles and other forms of media like video, images etc on their websites. These sites also allow you to make some money as you use them.
You can also build links and traffic to my blog using these websites.
The two popular ones I use are www.squidoo.com and www.hubpages.com .
There are many other content website you can use. Don’t forget to link back to your blog and website

8. Shareware
This strategy involves the use of free software downloads to get traffic to your blog or website. It is a strategy I have not tried yet.  it might be a bit too techie and costly but if you can successfully submit free software people can download on a site like www.download.com or other free shareware website ,you will have loads of traffic to your blog or website.
Some people recommend using www.conduit.com to build simple shareware. You can try this strategy and see how it works for you

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