Friday, 23 September 2011

Troy Davis Executed By Lethal Injection (Photos)

Troy Davis had already eaten his last meal Wednesday night as 7 p.m.--his scheduled execution time--came and went. A few minutes later, Georgia prison officials announced they would delay his execution so that the U.S. Supreme Court could consider the prisoner's last-minute request for an appeal.

Over the next four hours, Davis' supporters in Georgia celebrated and prayed, hoping that the delay meant Davis would stave off death one more time. Davis was no stranger to 11th-hour appeals: Wednesday was his fourth execution date. He had also faced execution on July 2007, September 2008, and October 2008. Each of these earlier appointments with execution produced additional stays so that his case could come under fresh judicial review.

In September 2008, the Supreme Court granted Davis a stay just an hour and a half before he was set to be put to death. Indeed, Davis reportedly  declined to request a special last meal because he believed another 11th-hour reprieve was in the offing. He ate the same cheeseburger fare as all the other Georgia inmates did.

But shortly after 10 p.m., the Supreme Court announced it had decided not to hear Davis' appeal, and Davis was then strapped to a gurney and put to death at 11:08 pm.

Davis' execution has rallied death penalty opponents who believe that Georgia had executed an innocent man. But another issue raised by Davis' roller-coaster ride through state-mandated life and death over the past 20 years is whether Death Row itself constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

Convicts in less high-profile cases have also experienced the same 11th-hour stays. Last week, Texas Death Row prisoner Duane Buck was granted a Supreme Court execution stay two hours into the six-hour window Texas prison officials had set for his execution.

Anti-death penalty activists, including the human-rights group Amnesty International, have compared the dramatic and protracted appeals process to "mock executions"--a practice widely recognized as torture. As of 2008, American Death Row prisoners spent an average of 13 years waiting for their executions. In some countries, waits of more than three years are outlawed as inhumane.

The Supreme Court in the past has tried to prevent the last-minute decisions that come after a prisoner has already been scheduled to die. "Justice [Sandra Day] O'Connor asked the states to change the time of execution to day time so that when the inevitable last-minute appeals come in the justices are at least at work instead of all over, at home or you know around the world," Richard Dieter, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center, told The Lookout. "A lot of states did do that, but it really doesn't solve the problem. Whatever decisions are made before, lawyers are going to file something new the day of the execution--that's their job." This time, the court hasn't explained what took so long.

In past Supreme Court rulings on the issue, Justice Stephen Breyer led the charge--together with now-retired Justice John Paul Stevens--in arguing that the Supreme Court should consider whether Death Row itself constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. Such measures are barred under the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution.

In 1995, Stevens argued that leaving criminals on Death Row for long periods of time may be unconstitutional. He cited a comment in a Supreme Court decision from 1890: "When a prisoner sentenced by a court to death is confined in the penitentiary awaiting the execution of the sentence, one of the most horrible feelings to which he can be subjected during that time is the uncertainty during the whole of it." In 1890, the execution waiting period was no more than four weeks.

Stevens also wrote that the court ruled the death penalty legal because the Framers considered it permissible and because it serves as retribution and as a deterrent to crime. Stevens argued that the Framers would never have countenanced decades-long Death Rows in their time, since people were executed promptly after sentencing. Stevens also argued that the longer a prisoner awaits execution, the less likely it is that the sentence will produce a deterrent or retributive effect.

Stevens contended that the lengthy appeals process is necessary, however, since more than 30 percent of death penalty verdicts between 1973 and 2000 were overturned. Stevens argued in a 2009 case that the death penalty should be outlawed altogether in order to resolve the issue of whether the extended appeals of capital cases he saw as constitutionally mandated were nevertheless in violation of the Constitution's Eighth Amendment.

Justice Clarence Thomas disagreed. Convicted murderer William Thompson argued that his 30 years on Death Row were cruel and unusual punishment. But Thomas wrote that it was the prisoner's own fault for appealing his sentence again and again. Thomas also said that the severity of Thompson's crime merited the death penalty. Thompson was convicted of torturing and murdering a woman while trying to extort several hundred dollars from her family.

Death penalty opponents have made the same argument in international courts. Is it cruel to keep a person on Death Row, in perpetual doubt about whether he will live or die? Or is it the prisoner's fault for appealing his sentence in the first place? Most of the decisions have sided with the former argument, reasoning that it's only natural that a condemned prisoner would cling to life by mounting extended and repeated appeals.

In some other countries that still use capital punishment--including Kenya, Malawi and Uganda--a death sentence is commuted to life in prison if execution is delayed by more than three years, according to Reprieve, a London-based anti-death penalty nonprofit. The European Court of Human Rights held in 1989 that forcing a condemned prisoner to endure "the conditions on death row and the anguish and mounting tension of living in the ever-present shadow of death" is inhumane. The UK Privy Council, which is the highest court for former Commonwealth countries, also says long periods on Death Row are inhumane because they add the "additional torture of a long period of alternating hope and despair."

Thursday, 22 September 2011

An Interview with the Boko Haram Leader

What is Boko Haram about?

Our aim is to spread Islam all over Nigeria, that is our mission and I want people to understand that our correct name is Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad. Those calling our group Boko Haram do so to discredit the group and it ideas. It was formed at three fundamental levels.

The first level from which our group emerged was from people in this country who, for selfish reasons, recruited young people and sometimes children and sent them overseas for education. In reality, these people are totally ignorant of the reasons why these big men take them abroad. In the name of education, these young men are taken to mostly Arab countries and turned into militants who respect only those who sponsored them abroad. Those big men who sponsor these youths don’t have any conscience and no love for this country.

It all started in 2004 when the Government of Mauritania fell.

It is similar to what is happening in Libya now, though slightly different. When the government in Mauritania fell in 2004, some individuals from that country came into Nigeria to recruit some youths as mercenaries to join forces with them to overthrow the government in power.

The second level of our membership is made up of young men who were recruited by our late leader, Mohammed Yusuf. Yusuf was approached by some people from Mauritania to recruit more Nigerians to continue with the struggle in Mauritania. The grounds were that this young people were being recruited to further their Islamic studies. They were to serve as a support group to the Mauritanian army. But our leader Mohammed Yusuf rejected the plan. But a number of Nigerian big men who were involved in the Mauritania struggle were angry with Yusuf. This led to a disagreement which pitched the young men loyal to Yusuf against those backing the big men. Yusuf, however, insisted on genuine Islam whereas those opposing him were mercenaries who were willing to serve their master’s interest in Mauritania.

At what point did they leave perfect Islam and become violent?

Whatever I am telling you now I have already made available to the SSS when they arrested me. There was a misunderstanding within the group and this disagreement was between those who received military training in Mauritania and those who were loyal to Yusuf. The SSS infiltrated our ranks and began to arrest many of those who were militants. However, as they were arrested some big men moved in to ensure that the court released them and they came back caused more problems within our group.

In 2009 the disagreement developed into a crisis in areas where our group was spreading Islamic ideals. I was in charge of our operations in Bauchi, Gombe and Plateau. The crisis was more in Bauchi State in two locations and in Kano in one location. In Bauchi, a group began to lay claim to a mosque that was built by our group. This caused a major crisis again and a young girl was kidnapped in Bauchi and taken to Borno State. Our group was manipulated but we told one intelligence officer, Bala, who was investigating the case that her relations took her to Borno and if the issue was not handled well it could cause a crisis. The SSS directed us to contact the Commissioner of Police in Borno State to secure the girl’s release. We were still in the process when the Bauchi State governor directed that members of our group should be driven away from the state. That was how our people started to resist the forced evacuation and the crisis with the government spread to Borno State. In fact, the crisis began in Bauchi and not Borno.

Anytime there is a bombing in Nigeria Boko Haram claims responsibility, for example, four times in Borno, Police headquarters and UN office in Abuja.

Yes, we bombed some of those places you mentioned. Remember that I told you that some of our members were recalled from military training in Mauritania. Among them were three specialist in bomb making.

When this crisis began I made a move to the authorities advising that the arrest of Boko Haram members would not bring an end to the crisis. I suggested that the government should stop the arrest and release those already arrested. Let me repeat it today, government should rebuild houses, mosques and schools demolished in Bauchi and Borno states. Government should not interfere in the genuine worship of our group and ensure justice for all. If these are not in place, I predict that the Nigerian situation may become like what is happening in Somalia.

I give this warning because many of those young men who went to Mauritania are being attracted back home because of the violent situation brought by the present crisis.

When I gave my advice, the police chased and arrested me, and kept me in detention. Before I was detained, I gave the police the video recordings of how some of how our members were being given military training, but the IGP ordered that I should be detained. I was left in detention for 10 months.

But those things that I warned about are playing out today. While I was in detention, I was in contact with our people and I still gave forewarnings to the authorities about attacks. I even told them beforehand whenever an operation was to take place. The bombing of the police headquarters had been planned and on many occasions and I had always told them in advance.

In fact, Bala had helped the police because each time I got in touch with him he worked to avert the attacks. If not, the police headquarters would have been bombed before now. Three days before the attack I warned the police that there would be an attack in Abuja that would embarrass the security authorities. Also, after the bombing of the police headquarters, I was summoned before the IGP and given a GSM phone. I called the person who planned and led the attack and we spoke right in front of the IGP. So, all these terror attacks are caused by the negligence of government.

Since I was released from detention, I have rejoined my group and some of us have warned our members to stick to the original ideals of our leader, Yusuf. He did not tell us to kill innocent people or to break into and steal from banks. If there is a conflict between the faithful and the authorities our opposition should be against the authorities and not the talakawas.

There are allegations that Boko Haram is being sponsored by some top level politicians, is it true?

The truth is that politicians are the root cause of this Boko Haram problem. For instance, in Borno State, the governor sponsors a group of armed youths known as ECOMOG. It is this ECOMOG that the governor formed and looks after, above the police, SSS and other security agencies. In Gombe State, the governor has the Kalari. I was once contacted by a governorship candidate to kill an opponent for a fee. The security agencies know what I am telling you.

In Bauchi there is the Tarafuka, an armed group sponsored by the government, and the government watches on, even when we have the SSS and police. That is why our new leader, Mallam Abubakar Shekau, is calling on the youths to disregard all government in the country – a call that has that has brought him and the group into conflict with the government. Some politicians are now taking the advantage of the conflict between the Boko Haram leadership and the authorities to execute their own agenda.

Did Boko Haram bomb the United Nations Office in Abuja?

I would not answer the question of whether Boko Haram bombed the UN building or not for some reasons.

Did Boko Haram bomb the Police headquarters in Abuja?

Yes, we bombed the police headquarters in Abuja. I told you earlier that when the bombing of the Police headquarters happened I called the person who led the attack, I was in front of the IGP. Yes, we bombed the police headquarters in Abuja. They asked me why we bombed the police headquarters and I told him (IGP) in his presence that it was because of his statement in Maiduguri that the days of Boko Haram were numbered.

Why does Boko Haram bomb army barracks and attack police and security operatives? What do they do to affect Islam or the work of Boko Haram?

It is because of the indiscriminate killing of our members and innocent people by the police without trial. They arrest innocent people harass and shoot them and the authorities do nothing about it. Why should we then leave the police?

Boko Haram is asking for Sharia in all the Northern states, and the states have Sharia, so what is the problem again?

I have been waiting for this question. I was in detention when it was said that Boko Haram had threatened to turn the entire North, or the country, into a Sharia state. Since I came out of detention have you heard that Boko Haram is threatening to turn the whole of Nigeria into an Islamic nation? The truth is that those spreading such information are just lying against us. What we are demanding is that those states that have independently declared their states Sharia states should implement it to the letter. Have you seen Sharia cut the hand of someone who steals a cow head, while someone who corruptly enriches himself is left to go free? They have chased away local LovePeddlers and brought in international red light LovePeddlers to replace them. They have also banned local alcoholic drinks, yet they drink imported spirits in their respective government houses. Is that Sharia? They are insincere, so they must be effective in the implementation of Sharia. Sharia is being abused. I pity this country. Mauritania that does not have any wealth exported Boko Haram into Nigeria. Now, Libya that has money and wealth has collapsed. Who says that this countries would not bring something worse than Boko Haram into Nigeria?

Monday, 5 September 2011

The Nigerian Super Eagles to take on Argentina On Tuesday September 6 @ 2pm

Super Eagles of Nigeria
La Albiceleste of Argentina
Nigeria Vs Agentina On SuperSport 7 @ 2pm
The Super Eagles of Nigeria will be taking on Argentina in a friendly match on Tuesday 6th March in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This match comes up exactly two days after the Super Eagles play Madagascar in an AFCON 2012 Qualifier in Antananarivo and four days after Argentina play Venezuela in a friendly match in Kolkata, India.

The last time the two sides met was in June 2011 in a friendly match played in Abuja and then the Super Eagles trounced the Argentines 4-1. That result coupled with the loss to Poland a week later and the disgraceful performance of the team in the COPA America resulted in the sacking of Sergio Batista and the appointment of Alejandro Sabella as coach.

Alejandro Sabella wanting to start off on a good note has named a 23-man crack squad to be captained by Lionel Messi for this match. The full team is made up of: Goalkeepers - Mariano Andújar (Catania/Italy), Sergio Romero (Sampdoria/Italy), Esteban Andrada (Lanus/Argentina)
Defenders - Pablo Zabaleta (Manchester City/England), Nicolás Burdisso (Roma/Italy), Nicolás Pareja (Spartak Moscow/Russia), Marcos Rojo (Spartak Moscow/Russia), Martín Demichelis (Malaga/Spain), Federico Fernández (Napoli/Italy), Nicolás Otamendi (Porto/Portugal)
Midfielders - Ángel di María (Real Madrid/Spain), Javier Mascherano (Barcelona/Spain), Javier Pastore (Paris Saint-Germain/France), Éver Banega (Valencia/Spain), Ricardo Álvarez (Internazionale/Argentina), Lucho González (Marseille/France), Jonás Gutiérrez ( Newcastle United/England), Fabián Rinaudo (Sporting Lisbon/Portugal), José Ernesto Sosa (Metalist Kharkiv/Ukraine)
Forwards - Gonzalo Higuaín (Real Madrid/Spain), Lionel Messi (Barcelona/Spain- captain), Sergio Agüero (Manchester City/England) & Eduardo Salvio (Athletico Madrid/Spain)

Gaffer of the Super Eagles, Samson Siasia has been forced to leave out some key players like Osaze Odemwingie, Taiye Taiwo & Ekhigo Ehiosun cos of injury and match rustiness. Kalu Uche has also been excused to allow him settle at his new club. Those that will prosecute the match are :  Goalkeepers - Vincent Enyeama , Dele Aiyenugba , Chigozie Agbim
Defenders - Chibuzor Okonkwo, Elderson Echiejile, Joseph Yobo, Yusuf Ayila, Efe Ambrose, Dele Adeleye, Gege Soriola
Midfielders - Joel Obi, John Mikel Obi, Fengor Ogude, Emmanuel Ekpo, Isaac Promise, Nosa Igiebor, Solomon Okoronkwo, Ahmed Musa 
Forwards- Obinna Nsofor, Victor Anichebe, Ike Uche, Emmanuel Emenike, Peter Utaka, Chinedu Obasi, Brown Ideye

Despite their recent run of poor results, the La Albiceleste will still be considered as favourites to win cos of the sheer ability and class of the individual players in the team. Also, Argentinina occupies the 9th position on the FIFA ranking index while the Super Eagles are ranked 38th. Added to this is the partisan support guaranteed the team as a result of the ''god-like'' status of Lionel Messi in Bangladesh and the current wave of ''messimania'' sweeping Bangladesh. Still the Nigerian side is not one to be sniffed at, and they boast amongst their ranks experienced and quality players as Vincent Enyeama, Joseph Yobo, John Mikel Obi, Joel Obi, Ahmed Musa, Brown Ideye and Chinedu Obasi.

Although Samson Siasia has said this match is not the priority and a ''must win'' for his team, you can be sure he'd still want to win and prove to those who were unappreciative of his side's 4-1 victory in June that he can get good results against the best of teams.

So what will be the outcome of this match? Drop your comments, predictions and vote in the poll. . . .  

Friday, 26 August 2011

Pictures of the UN Bomb Blast in Abuja

Below are some of the pictures taken from the scene of the UN building where the bomb blast occured early this morning:

One of the victims of the bomb blast being brought down by the fire men
The ripped UN building.
National Hospital as casualties were brought in.  Unconfirmed reports claim over 100 dead bodies already counted at the Hospital.
vehicle used by suicide bomber at UN house
UN workers crying after the bomb blast

Another Bomb Blast In Abuja- Hits UN Office

Witnesses reported seeing thick black smoke billowing from the building in Nigeria's capital Abuja at around 11am (BST).
It is believed that the blast was so large that it destroyed a wing of the UN office. Dozens are feared dead.
Police confirmed the explosion on Friday but did not comment on the nature of the blast or whether there were any casualties.
"I can confirm there was an explosion at the U.N. building," a police spokesman in Abuja said.
"We have deployed our policemen and anti-bomb squad. We can't establish how many casualties (there are)."
The building is situated in the same neighbourhood as the US Embassy and other diplomatic posts in Nigeria's capital.
Police and the wounded thronged the three-story building as people began to search for victims. Witnesses reported seeing ambulances taking away victims.
Alessandra Vellucci, a spokeswoman for the UN office in Geneva, said the global body's offices in Abuja had been bombed.
"I saw scattered bodies," said Michael Ofilaje, a UNICEF worker at the building. "Many people are dead."
He said it felt like "the blast came from the basement and shook the building."
The building houses about 400 employees of the U.N. in Nigeria, including the majority of its offices. A local U.N. spokesman declined to comment.
Alessandra Vellucci, a spokeswoman for the U.N. office in Geneva, said the global body's offices in Abuja had been bombed.
She told The Associated Press that there was no word yet on casualties.
The building, located in the same neighborhood as the U.S. embassy and other diplomatic posts in Abuja, had a huge hole punched in it.
Local police spokesman Jimoh Moshood confirmed the blast, but said police were still investigating the cause.
Abuja was the scene of a car bomb at police headquarters in June.

Tonto Dike Discusses Why She Acts Nude Movies In New Interview

In a recent interview, Tonto Dike discusses her Smoking habits and seminude movies roles. Read excerpts below
How true is the rumor that you are a heavy smoker and can’t do without cigarette?
We are just so shallow minded. How does that come into the way I act? Excuse me (voice raised). That is my personal life. If I want to smoke, I handle a stick of cigarette and I smoke it hard. It is my life I can decide to smoke myself to hell. It’s nobody’s business.
Yeah! Just like you were smoking before this interview started?
It’s left for me to think about it. It’s left for me to continue. How has smoking affected my acting job? It’s nobody business and it doesn’t affect what you see on TV.
Many said your smoking habit has made you become asthmatic.
(Laughs out loudly) I think my health problems have nothing to do with my job. If I have a health problem then I have a health problem. It’s not something that is meant for the public or the world.
How true is it also that you are into lesbianism?
Aha! There is nothing that is surprising to me anymore. I don’t live my life based on what people say about me.
You acted in the movie, ‘Dirty Secret,’ alongside Muna Obiekwe and Jibola Dabo. The movie has generated so much criticism. How have you taken it?
I felt it but I felt it in a very positive way. It really helped my career. It helped me with my job and my personality as a woman. The movie has been highly talked about and it even got me more popularity. It was really crazy to be part of it. I got paid to interpret a role as an actress and I did it perfectly well. I don’t give a f**k about what anybody is saying out there.
Some critics felt your seminude role in the movie was totally African?
I don’t know what the Africa role is. I don’t know about being an African or not. I am a human being and an actress. That is all I know. Being an African is not part of my job.


Below are the gropings:


Group A
: Bayern Munich, Villarreal, Manchester City, Napoli

Group B: Inter Milan, CSKA Moscow, Lille, Trabzonspor

Group C: Manchester United, Benfica, Basel, Otelul Galati

Group D: Real Madrid, Lyon, Ajax, Dinamo Zagreb

Group E: Chelsea, Valencia, Bayer Leverkusen, Genk

Group F: Arsenal, Marseille, Olympiakos, Borussia Dortmund

Group G: Porto, Shakhtar Donetsk, Zenit St Petersburg, APOEL

Group H: Barcelona, Milan, BATE Borisov, Viktoria Plzen

What do you think about this grouping?

Uefa Super Cup 2011 : Barcelona Vs Porto Today At 7:45pm (Nig.Time)

Managers Pep Guardiola and Vítor Pereira are predicting an exciting game between Barcelona and Porto in the Uefa Super Cup at Stade Louis II on Friday.

Barça have set a Super Cup record by reaching the Monaco showpiece for an eighth time – and Guardiola has promised an enthralling clash between two of Europe’s most prestigious clubs.

“Finals are meaningful when you play against clubs with a great history – it was an honour to play against Manchester United and it’s an honour to play against one of the strongest teams in the world now in Porto,” said Guardiola on Thursday.

“Mathematically their figures are impeccable and when you watch them play you can see they do things very well. I think it will be an excellent final, just like the Champions League was.”

It will be the eighth occasion the two sides have met in European competition, with Barça holding the superior record after having secured victory over their Portuguese opponents on four previous occasions.

Guardiola will be without defender Gerard Piqué, who tore his calf in training last Tuesday, while Carles Puyol is unavailable after undergoing surgery to repair damaged cartilage in his left knee in June.

Meanwhile, Porto are making their fourth appearance in the Super Cup – they triumphed in 1987 before losing both previous trips to Monaco in 2003 and 2004.

As in 1987 and 2004, the Europa League winners approach the final with a different coach from the one that won their qualifying competition – Pereira replaced André Villas-Boas as Porto manager this summer and his first test in Europe will be for his side to contain the newly-crowned Best Player in Europe, Lionel Messi.

“You can’t stop Messi with any special tactic,” said Pereira. “You stop him with a strong team performance, by concentrating defensively, covering each other and anticipating intentions. You will see our own game plan and identity; you don’t adapt to your opponent.”

Although Pereira admits Barça are the best team he had seen in his lifetime, the Porto boss promised his side would put on a show against the Champions League holders.

“We’re here on our own merit following a great season,” Pereira said. “We know Barcelona are a great team, but we’re not here to see them play. We came here to win this game so we have the ingredients for a great spectacle.”

Porto have faced Spanish opposition in the Super Cup before – the Portuguese side suffered a 2-1 defeat by Valencia in 2004 and it is the only occasion in which a Spanish and a Portuguese team have faced each other in Monaco.

12 Killed In Adamawa State As Boko Haram Strikes Again

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (AP) — A radical Muslim sect blamed for attacks across northeast Nigeria bombed a police station and robbed two banks Thursday, killing 12 people in an assault highlighting the group's escalating willingness to shed blood, authorities said.

The sect, known locally as Boko Haram, stormed into the city of Gobi in Adamawa state in broad daylight, first attacking the police precinct with bombs and raking the building with gunfire, police commissioner A.T. Shinaba said. The group killed four police officers and a soldier guarding the area, he said.

The sect members then shot their way into two local branches of First Bank PLC and United Bank for Africa PLC, killing seven bank employees before speeding away with an unknown amount of cash, Shinaba said. Four others suffered injuries in the attack.

"Our police station was attacked this morning by a gang of suspected Boko Haram gunmen in vehicles and motorbikes," the shaken police commissioner told journalists. We are "combing the bush for fleeing sect members."

Nigeria, home to 150 million people, suffers from a weak police force more focused on collecting bribes than law enforcement in the oil-rich nation. The force also has been unable to handle the rise of Boko Haram, which many believed had been dismantled after a security crackdown following a sect riot in 2009 left 700 people dead.

The group, whose name means "Western education is sacrilege" in the local Hausa language, seeks the implementation of strict Shariah Islamic law in the country. Nigeria is largely split between a Christian south and Muslim north, where 12 states already have a version of Shariah in place.

Boko Haram has been blamed for a rash of killings targeting security officers, local leaders and clerics in the area over the last year. It also has claimed responsibility for a bombing at the nation's police headquarters that killed two people in June.

This would be the first bank robbery attributed to the group, though sophisticated attacks on banks have been carried on banks in north Nigeria in recent weeks.

Brazilian Company Offers To Buy PHCN For $100 Billion

A Brazilian company has offered to buy the Federal Government’s stake in 17 Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) successor companies for 100 billion dollars (N15 trillion), Prof. Barth Nnaji, the Minister of Power, said.
Nnaji made the fact known in Lagos on Thursday at the 2011 Annual Conference of the National Association of Energy Correspondents (NAEC).
 “A Brazilian company, for instance, has offered to buy the Federal Government’s stake in the 17 PHCN
successor companies for 100 billion dollars  (N15 trillion),” he said.
Nnaji, represented by his Special Adviser on Media, Mr Cydon Adinuba, said that the National Council on Privatisation  (NCP) had approved and shortlisted potential bidders after receiving 331 applications.  
“With the inauguration of the Electricity Bulk Trading Company Board on Tuesday, the investors’ confidence has been further bolstered.
“The Bulk Trader, which enjoys the World Bank Partial Risk Guarantee (PRG), exists to give comfort and confidence to generation companies by guaranteeing power generating companies’ payment for all their products.
“It will cease to exist when the distribution companies mature enough by being credit worthy,” he said.
Nnajisaid that 40 firms were shortlisted to bid for the concession of the hydro stations, 87 shortlisted for thermal stations and 80 for the electricity distribution companies.   
“In spite of the global economic crisis and the reported decline in foreign direct investment, there has been a remarkable growth of international investors’ confidence in Nigeria’s power sector in the last one year,’’ he said.
Also, the Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke, said that the challenge facing the industry was for the government to create an enabling environment for it to strive.
Alison-Madueke, represented by Dr Earnest Nwapa, Executive Secretary, Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), said that it would allow capital to flow inward and get retained for economic growth and development.
“I want to assure Nigerians and our international partners that the government has taken firm steps to address these concerns in a structured and sustainable manner,” the minister said.
She expressed concern over the huge capital flight in the oil and gas sector ,which had been blamed largely on many years of dependency on foreign products and services.
The minister said that this had cost the nation about 300 billion dollars (N45 trillion).
According to her, the oil industry currently needs to spend about 20 billion dollars (N30 trillion) annually.
She said that the major operators had not helped matters by reliance on the importation of goods and services.
The minister said that they had not made any effort to develop sustainable capabilities that would support life cycle operations in Nigeria.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Collect More Than 6 Months’ Rent, Go To Jail!, Fashola Tells Landlords

Respite has finally come to tenants in Lagos as the state governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola, has signed into law a bill that will make it unlawful for a landlord or his agent to demand or receive from a sitting tenant rent in excess of six months.

The law, which explicitly harps on the rights and obligations under tenancy agreement and relationship between the landlord and tenant, will go a long way in addressing the problem of housing in the metropolis.

According to the Lagos State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr Ade Ipaye, a defaulter of the law would be liable to pay a fine of N100,000 with the option of a three-month jail term.

The law also stipulates a six-month quit notice for a tenant who pays the rent yearly, with the clause that a tenant might apply to court for an order to stop unreasonable increase of rent by the landlord.

In a situation where the increase is unreasonable, the law allows the court to order the landlord to reduce the amount.

The law also makes it unlawful for a landlord to eject a tenant from any premises pending the determination of the action by the court.

On offences and penalties, the law says that any person who demolishes, alters or modifies a building in order to eject a tenant without the approval of the court shall be guilty of an offence and is liable to a fine of N250,000 or six months imprisonment.

It states further that any landlord who forcibly ejects a tenant, threatens or molests a tenant by action or words will be liable to a fine of N250,000 or six months imprisonment.
Commenting, Fashola said that the law would address the problem of housing as the state continued to explode in population.

The 2011/12 Uefa Champions League Draw! 4.45pm Nig. Time

The draw for the Champions League Group Stage takes place on Thursday in Monaco from 4.45pm (UK time).

How the draw works

The 32 clubs who feature in the draw are split into four pots of eight based on their UEFA coefficient scores. These are based on performance in European competitions over the last five years.

A total of eight groups of four teams will be drawn with one side from each seeding pot in each group. No side can be drawn against another from the same pot, nor can they play a team from their home country.

Where two sides from the same country have qualified, they will be paired to split their matches between Tuesday and Wednesday, so one club will always play at home on one day and the other will play away on the other day. In the case of countries with three representatives, only two teams have been paired in terms of their fixtures; in the case of countries with four representatives, two pairings have been made.

To ensure sides from the same country play on separate days, the eight groups will be distinguished by colour: Groups A-D will be red and Groups E-H blue. When a paired club is drawn, for example, into one of the red groups, the other paired club - once it has been drawn - will automatically be assigned to one of the four blue groups.

The order of home and away matches will be determined after the draw has taken place.

Pot One:
Manchester United
Bayern Munich
Real Madrid
FC Porto

Pot Two:
AC Milan
Shakhtar Donetsk
CSKA Moscow

Pot Three:
Zenit St. Petersburg
Bayer Leverkusen
Manchester City
FC Basel
BATE Borisov

Pot Four:
Borussia Dortmund
Dinamo Zagreb
Apoel FC
Viktoria Plzen
Otelul Galati

So have your say! What do you think the groupings would be like?

Nigerians Hit Back-Thank God We're Not Ghanaians

This is a song by an unknown Nigerian, in response to the FOKN BOIZ of Ghana who released a track tittled: Thank God We're Not A Nigerians!The artist intends that a dialogue using music, humour, historical and philosophical tones will melt the simmering tension/ envy/ jealousy between Ghanians and Nigerians. Increase the PEACE!  Watch the video below:



Thank God We're Not Ghanaians!

Can you imagine Ghanains abusing Nigeria, the giant of Africa, the sunshine, the mountain, and the golf of oil of Africa? Ghana, let us teach you some English, for there's going to be some diplomatic brouhaha o, if President Atta Mills doesn't call the Foka Sibe Boys to order

Which country in the world calls their friends "Charlie" and names all their men after weekdays and weekends, Kwado (Monday) Kwabena (Tuesday) Kwaku (Wednesday) Yau (Thursday) Kofi (Friday), Kwame (Saturday), Kwesi (Sunday)? Una too much o!

And you are so laid back, you don't even know, look at every bank around you, it is UBA, ECO-Bank and Zenith bank. Your mobile phones are routed through Lagos, MTN, Vodafone, Tigo and whatever! Charlie, Thank God we are not Ghanaians o!

See your president worships in Lagos, pays tithes to Synagogue, even your under-something football team relies on Pastor T.B Joshua to win the world cup because there is no God in Ghana. Charlie, thank God I'm not a Ghanaian o!

When was the last time Ghana had a national team after Abedi Pele and Tony Yeboah started hawking spicy Rob and puff-puff. Charlie, thank God we are not Ghanaians o!

Instead of getting down on Amala, Pounded yams and orisirishi, you eat burnt rice three times a day and call it a funky name "Wache" as if we won't understand...Thank God we are not Ghanaians!

Since Fela left Ghana you only knew how to sing old highlife and wedding songs, who marries with a Ghanaian music anymore anyways... Thank God we are not Ghanaians!

Remember Nigerians created Nollywood, but Ghanaians are stuck trying to create something, should we call it "Nannawood?" with the same characters- kofi, nana, kwabena and can't even get near any wood, Charlie, thank God I'm not a Ghanaian o!

And why did Obama come here and didn't spend a second night, was it because Accra was too boring??? Thank God we are not Ghanaians.
Please if you can't afford three-piece Nigerian agbada stop wearing the black and white stripe school uniform and call it a national attire, afterall you have discovered oil, please dress better, OK. Charlie, thank God we are not Ghanaians.

Our traditional rulers are cruising around in Bentley, Mercedes Benz, and BMW but yours are still hanging on wooden limos, Charlie, thank God we are not Ghanaians

We know you love to do 419 but tell me who will send you money when you send a dead chicken by FedEx in the name of Sakawa... Thank God we're not Ghanaians o!

Brothers, make una show some respect to the big brother next door, otherwise we will ask Lagosians to move over to Accra and overrun the place...

And as Fela taught, Fefe n'efe ntina obaa tu amirika a, ense na nofona yese, ebete ato ntia, ebete ato ntio, ebeti aton ti, abeti atontia, ebeti atonti, ebeti atonti e, ebeti atonti

Make una warn unaself o, na condition way make crayfish bend!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Pictures of Mikel Obi's father's kidnappers

About 2 weeks ago, the father of the Super Eagle and Chelsea FC star was kidnapped. This kidnappers (who were 6 in number including a lady) were recently nabbed by the Nigerian Police. Two of the kidnappers who are soldiers would be court martialled this week. The kidnappers' photos are shown below. 

Here are their names in full. Nkechi Ossai, Ifeanyi Essien, Jacob Cowen, Ndubusi Friday, Basil Chukwuma and Sule Ibrahim.

The funniest Oliver Video I've seen so far- by My Backyard Crew

Most of us are aware of the on-going Oliver video contest by the Mo'hits crew. I've watched so many of the Oliver videos, but the funniest i've seen so far is the version by 'My Backyard Crew'. This group which consists of 7 'clowns' took the Oliver thing to the next level; shooting their videos at various well known and monumentary locations. It was just simply the definition of 'hilarious'. They shot at various locations including the University of Lagos, Tafawa Balewa Square(TBS), third mainland bridge,ozone cimemas, koko lounge, The Palms, lekki, just to mention a few. You need to watch this!

So so hilarious! This crew should make it to the Top-Three, at worst, I think!
Please post the links to any funny versions you've so far seen.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tips on building traffic to your Blog/Website

There are various very effective ways of building traffic to your website or blog.The benefits of building traffic is very obvious to us all. I am not going to preach to you about why you need traffic. You should know this already.
I'm going to expose some of these tips that aid traffic building in this article.
The basic principle of building traffic is "Going to where your target readers are, doing something really unique and then creating a link to your website/blog"

These methods are what guides me as I do whatever I do to get traffic online. With that said, let me reveal the ways build traffic to my blog

1. Blog commenting
Blog commenting helps a lot in generating traffic for your blog. It has many other benefits. You get SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits. Build a relationship with blog owner etc.
Blog commenting works best when you have something to say in the comments or show you are resourceful or helpful.
The link from the comment brings traffic to your blog or website.

2. Guest posting
This is my main way of building traffic to my blogs. 
The good thing about guest posting is that it helps to build friendship and rapport with the owner of the blog.
Don’t forget to link to your blog or website on the guest post using your target keyword

3. Social bookmarking
This is the use of online book-marking services to bookmark links and share with friends and other people all over the world.
Popular bookmarking services that I use and you can use are:

There are so many of them and you could also use semi automated services like  to make the work easier.
Paid Tools like bookmarking demon and outsourcing on Elance or Odesk can make the task easier

4. Social Website And Networks
Social networks also send some amount of traffic to my blogs and websites. What I basically do is post and tweet my post link after publishing them on my blog. If you have a facebook and twitter account, there are WordPress plugin that can help your post a link to your blog or websites after the post goes live.
The 2 popular one I am talking about here is

5. Free E-Book Directories
This is the most recent traffic building that I have read up .It involves submitting free e-books people can download on free e-book directories.
To get traffic with this strategy you either have links to your blog or website in the e-book or you link the readers to download the book on your blog or website.
This is a very workable strategy. Don’t be afraid because it involves e-books. If you can write a blog post, you can write an e-book. I could even convert this blog post into an eBook and submit on these free e–book directories. If you are looking for free e-book directories you can use, just Google “free e-book directories”.

6. Article Marketing
This is a recent link building and traffic building strategy that I have started practicing seriously. It basically involves writing an article and submitting it to article directories. At the end of the article, you can link to your blog or website using any specific anchor text or keyword of your choice.
I usually submit my articles to 2 major article directories.
There are many more article directories. If you Google up article directories, you will find more. I stick to this two because they amongst the top two.
When you write and submit articles, don’t forget to link back to your blog or website using your desired keyword.

7. Content websites
There are several content websites that allow you to post articles and other forms of media like video, images etc on their websites. These sites also allow you to make some money as you use them.
You can also build links and traffic to my blog using these websites.
The two popular ones I use are and .
There are many other content website you can use. Don’t forget to link back to your blog and website

8. Shareware
This strategy involves the use of free software downloads to get traffic to your blog or website. It is a strategy I have not tried yet.  it might be a bit too techie and costly but if you can successfully submit free software people can download on a site like or other free shareware website ,you will have loads of traffic to your blog or website.
Some people recommend using to build simple shareware. You can try this strategy and see how it works for you

Mikel Obi's father found alive and freed in Kano

Police spokesman Olusola Amore told The Associated Press that investigators followed Michael Obi's trail from central Nigeria's Plateau state to Kano, one of the nation's largest cities. There, officers raided the area where Obi was held, freeing him and arresting a number of kidnappers, Amore said.

Amore said he had other details about the operation on Monday night.

Michael Obi was kidnapped on Aug. 12 while on his way home from work in the central Nigerian city of Jos.

Officers raided a neighbourhood in the Nigerian city Kano on Monday where they found Michael Obi and arrested five suspects.
Obi was kidnapped on 12 August as he travelled home from work in the city of Jos, around 200 miles away from Kano.
He told reporters: "I started begging them but they beat me mercilessly. They kept me in a terrible place."
The BBC's Yusuf Ibrahim Yakasai said Obi's face showed signs of the beatings that he says he endured during his ordeal.
"I was taken right deep into the bush, in an isolated area in Jos", Obi said.
"There are five of them and they were dressed in military uniforms. They pushed me into a vehicle painted in military colours and began to drive very fast. I never knew a vehicle can fly like that."
Mikel's management company Sport Entertainment & Media Group (SEM) said in a statement: "Earlier today Michael Obi called his family to advise them that he had been released by his abductors.
"John Obi Mikel would like to thank everyone in Nigeria, his family and friends, Chelsea FC and their fans and his agents for their total support during this terrible time."
During the time of his father's disappearance, Mikel continued playing for Chelsea - starting matches against both Stoke City and West Bromwich Albion.
On Friday, Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas hailed the "amazing mental toughness" shown by the midfielder in the wake of his father's kidnapping.
A Chelsea statement said: "Mikel has shown outstanding commitment and professionalism during this most difficult of times, and the club will continue to offer its full support to him and his family."
It isn't the first time a football player's family has been targeted in Nigeria. In 2008, gunmen abducted the younger brother of Everton defender Joseph Yobo as he left a nightclub in Port Harcourt, the delta's largest city. The brother was released unharmed about two weeks later, though it was unclear if a ransom had been paid.
Michael Obi's abduction came after a Forbes magazine survey in June listed Mikel as the seventh highest-paid African player in Europe. The magazine listed Mikel's salary as $5.8 million a year.

Wizkid Impregnates an Undergraduate- She gives birth to baby girl!

The torch is set on Wizkid once again as rumour spreads around the internet about Wizkid having a baby girl. The gist says that Wizkif impregnated an undergraduate named Sola several months ago. Nine months passed and the result was a baby girl for Wizkid.

The beloved hit-maker and ladies man has been linked to many women – most times older than he is – and pundits had feared he could be heading the way of misdemeanour if care was not taken.
Now, as our investigations reveal, the young man impregnated an undergraduate named Sola several months ago, and the lady has since put to bed. Before delivering a baby girl for Wizkid two months ago, we’re told Sola who resides in Magodo, Lagos was studying in the University of Legon, Accra, Ghana.
This is not something his close friends and associates would want to reveal for now. And we’re told his parents and mentors insist they’ll wait until a DNA confirmation, before fully admitting the child is Wizkid’s. At least two colleagues confirm to us, that the debutant allegedly fathered a child in June. Multiple sources who are familiar with the ‘baby mama’ and her family also tell us ‘it was widely known to us all when they were dating. And we knew when she got pregnant for him’.
Wizkid has been rumoured to date daring actress Tonto Dike even though they both continue to deny this. We confirmed from reliable sources back then, that Wizkid’s Honda Accord that was jacked by robbers, was a gift from Dike.

In an elaborate chat with a Nigerian Entertainment Today editor, Wizkid denies having a child. ‘No, I don’t. It’s just a rumour, I’m not thinking about that right now’. In the interview held last week at Ogudu-GRA, in Lagos and published in this week’s edition of Nigerian Entertainment Today Newspaper, he continues, ‘ I really don’t want to find myself in that kind of situation, I’m all about my music now‘. But our sources, who want to remain anonymous, insist Wizkid has fathered his first child,  Will Wizkid, whose real names are Ayo Balogun, follow in the footsteps of 2face Idibia (five kids from three women), JJC (three kids from three women), 9ice (three kids from two women, one of whom is still legally married to him), and the likes of Father U Turn, KWAM 1, KSA, and many other musicians who have children from multiple relationships? Or will he settle with his baby’s mother and make a home?

Interestingly, Wizkid’s leader Banky W, himself a bonafide ladies’ man and fun-lover, remains scandal-free; managing to stay away from controversies and making sure he doesn’t toe the line of illegitimacy.
Last Friday, the singer tweeted from his official Twitter handle (@wizkidayo) ‘Hey All,  Gotsumthin to tell yall. In life, there are those times when you wonder about the wrong decisions you’ve made… This is one of those times for me.  Irealize that I haven’t always lived up to everyone’s expectations from my loved ones to the immense love from my fans. I am sorry.  Please continue to pray for me.  With the help of my family and my EME big brothers, I am working on becoming a better man, a better artiste, a more responsible person with every one of my actions.‘