Thursday, 25 August 2011

Nigerians Hit Back-Thank God We're Not Ghanaians

This is a song by an unknown Nigerian, in response to the FOKN BOIZ of Ghana who released a track tittled: Thank God We're Not A Nigerians!The artist intends that a dialogue using music, humour, historical and philosophical tones will melt the simmering tension/ envy/ jealousy between Ghanians and Nigerians. Increase the PEACE!  Watch the video below:



Thank God We're Not Ghanaians!

Can you imagine Ghanains abusing Nigeria, the giant of Africa, the sunshine, the mountain, and the golf of oil of Africa? Ghana, let us teach you some English, for there's going to be some diplomatic brouhaha o, if President Atta Mills doesn't call the Foka Sibe Boys to order

Which country in the world calls their friends "Charlie" and names all their men after weekdays and weekends, Kwado (Monday) Kwabena (Tuesday) Kwaku (Wednesday) Yau (Thursday) Kofi (Friday), Kwame (Saturday), Kwesi (Sunday)? Una too much o!

And you are so laid back, you don't even know, look at every bank around you, it is UBA, ECO-Bank and Zenith bank. Your mobile phones are routed through Lagos, MTN, Vodafone, Tigo and whatever! Charlie, Thank God we are not Ghanaians o!

See your president worships in Lagos, pays tithes to Synagogue, even your under-something football team relies on Pastor T.B Joshua to win the world cup because there is no God in Ghana. Charlie, thank God I'm not a Ghanaian o!

When was the last time Ghana had a national team after Abedi Pele and Tony Yeboah started hawking spicy Rob and puff-puff. Charlie, thank God we are not Ghanaians o!

Instead of getting down on Amala, Pounded yams and orisirishi, you eat burnt rice three times a day and call it a funky name "Wache" as if we won't understand...Thank God we are not Ghanaians!

Since Fela left Ghana you only knew how to sing old highlife and wedding songs, who marries with a Ghanaian music anymore anyways... Thank God we are not Ghanaians!

Remember Nigerians created Nollywood, but Ghanaians are stuck trying to create something, should we call it "Nannawood?" with the same characters- kofi, nana, kwabena and can't even get near any wood, Charlie, thank God I'm not a Ghanaian o!

And why did Obama come here and didn't spend a second night, was it because Accra was too boring??? Thank God we are not Ghanaians.
Please if you can't afford three-piece Nigerian agbada stop wearing the black and white stripe school uniform and call it a national attire, afterall you have discovered oil, please dress better, OK. Charlie, thank God we are not Ghanaians.

Our traditional rulers are cruising around in Bentley, Mercedes Benz, and BMW but yours are still hanging on wooden limos, Charlie, thank God we are not Ghanaians

We know you love to do 419 but tell me who will send you money when you send a dead chicken by FedEx in the name of Sakawa... Thank God we're not Ghanaians o!

Brothers, make una show some respect to the big brother next door, otherwise we will ask Lagosians to move over to Accra and overrun the place...

And as Fela taught, Fefe n'efe ntina obaa tu amirika a, ense na nofona yese, ebete ato ntia, ebete ato ntio, ebeti aton ti, abeti atontia, ebeti atonti, ebeti atonti e, ebeti atonti

Make una warn unaself o, na condition way make crayfish bend!

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