Friday, 19 August 2011

P-Square Miss Their Normal Private Life

Superstar twins- Peter and Paul Okoye- popularly known as P-square who recently released their latest album 'The Invasion' said in an interview that they were missing their normal life. They talked about the pains of living in the lime light and how they store their massive income made ever since their rise to stardom since their release of the 'Get Squared' album.

They revealed this in an Interview they had with Ogbonna Amadi on Vanguard. 
"Our normal lives are gone, seriously. We like Akara (beans cake) but we can no longer stroll out to buy Akara anymore. Even if we're in the car and we need
something, our P.A would be the one to get it. We miss our freedom.... And we miss going out to eateries and local joints like the Mama-put. We send someone to do so. If it were in those days, we'd go there and point at what we want to eat. The problem is, when we send someone to do the buying, they wouldn't know what we'd prefer.'

"we try as much as possible to go to private beaches in Lagos. Still, we'll end up taking pictures there from when we arrived till we leave. At the early stages we used to think celebrity lifestyle isn't it, but now, we are used to it...Sometimes they (ladies) bare their breasts for us
to sign autographs...Some would even threaten you, if you don't kiss them. And we wouldn't have a choice than to kiss them-but not the deep kiss...Yeah, at times we touch their boobs if they want it.

What we asked from God was that he blesses us so that we can live a fulfilled life and be a blessing to others. But we didn't know the implication of it all. For instance, whenever we go to Silverbird to watch a movie, we'll have to sit in the car. Someone would go get the ticket and we'd end up staying in the car till like five minutes to the start of the movie. Then we'll just walk straight to the room
but there's nothing we can do about it."

Talking of how they share their money and store wealth...
"People contract P-Square and not Jude. So does he get his percentage? This might be funny. We don't give percentages to one another. We are property oriented so money doesn't stay in our accounts for too long. There's no how P-Square would release an album without using the money for a project like buying lands and building houses. What we now do after those houses are built is to share it among ourselves.
The biggest house is in Jos where our parents live.....As P-Square, whenever money comes, we keep it in a place and that's why many people look at us as Igbo boys. As Igbo boys, do you think we'll build a house in Lagos without building in our village? It's not possible."

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